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Utah is inspirational.  Utah was admitted to the Union of the United States of America on January 4, 1896.  Utah is in the western United States.  Idaho borders Utah to the north. Wyoming is at its northeast.  To the east of Utah is Colorado. The southeast corner of the state with New Mexico makes Utah one of the Four Corners States.  Arizona borders Utah to the south.  Nevada is to the west.


Native Americans inhabited the areas for thousands of years before European explorers arrived.  Initial tribes disappeared and Navajo and other Uto-Aztecan tribes settled in the area.  Spanish explorers began exploring the area in 1540.  European trappers and traders explored the area in the early 19th century.  Brigham Young, the leader of Latter Day Saints, with fellow Mormon pioneers, began settling in the area in 1847.  Missionaries spread settlements.  Young started calling the territory Deseret.  This came from the Book of Mormon and was an ancient word for “honeybee”.  Today, Beehive State is Utah’s nickname.  Salt Lake City became the territorial capital in 1856.  Due to the Mormon practice of polygamy and other suspicions the US government sent a military expedition to the area.  This led to a conflict known as Utah War.  In 1890 the LDS Church banned polygamy in order to be accepted for statehood.


The 20th century brought the establishment of state and national parks, as well as, ski resorts.  The powdery snow and the 2002 Winter Olympics spread Utah’s reputation as having the best skiing in the world.  The Utah State Parks Commission manages over 95,000 acres of land and over 1,000,000 acres of water.  Utah’s geography ranges from deserts with sand dunes to forests in mountain valleys.  Areas include canyons, mesas, plateaus, and basins.  Every county has some national forest.


Utah has a semi-arid to desert climate in many areas.  The areas with mountains, however, have a wide variety of climates.  Precipitation and snowfall is common in Utah, except for snow in the far southern valleys.  Thunderstorms occur about 40 days a year and can lead to flash flooding.  Two tornadoes usually occur a year.


Major industries in Utah include mining, cattle ranching, salt and petroleum production, tourism, and government services.  Utah is known for being a good state for business.  It has been ranked as the top state for small businesses.  The government has an executive, legislative, and judicial branch.  There are 29 counties.


The NBA has the Utah Jazz.  The MLS has Real Salt Lake.  Minor league teams attract fans.  University teams are well-known.  Utah has professional golf tournaments and rugby is gaining popularity.  Utah has been the setting for books, films, television series, music videos, and video games.  Utah has had significant impact on different aspects and genres of culture.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!






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