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Tennessee is inspirational.  Tennessee was admitted to the Union of the United States of America on June 1, 1796.  Tennessee’s nickname is The Volunteer State.  Tennessee’s capital is Nashville.  The state is located in the Southeastern United States.  Kentucky and Virginia border Tennessee to the north.  North Carolina is to the east.  Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi are to the south.  The Mississippi River followed by Arkansas and Missouri border Tennessee to the west.


Paleo-Indians inhabited the area 12,000 years ago.  Spanish explorers had expeditions in the mid-16th century.  Native American tribes inhabited the area at this time.  In 1756 a British settlement was built in Tennessee.  The American Revolution occurred and it later became a state.  In 1838 and 1839 native inhabitants were forcibly removed to the south and west by the United States.  This was known as the “Trail of Tears”.  During the Civil War people were divided about which side to support.  However, Tennessee became the last state to secede on June 8, 1861.  Both sided had volunteers.  Following the war Tennessee was the first state readmitted to the Union.  Disenfranchisement of African Americans, poor whites, and women occurred long after all three had the right to vote and poll taxes were removed.  Removal of the poll tax in 1953 and the Voting Eights Act of 1965 improved matters for all people.


The majority of Tennessee’s climate is humid subtropical.  The high elevations of the Appalachian Mountains in the state have a mountain temperate or a humid continental climate.  Summers are hot and there are mild to cool winters.  Precipitation is significant throughout the year.  Averages of 50 thunderstorms and 15 tornados occur yearly.  Winter storms, like blizzards and ice storms, and fog can be problems.


Tennessee is divided into three sections due to its geography, culture, and economics.  East Tennessee has high mountains and rugged terrain.  It has fertile valleys and wooded ridges.  The area has cities with high populations.  Airports and interstates link the area to the rest of the country and world.  Middle Tennessee has fertile farm land and a diversity of natural wildlife.  It, also, has cities with high population, including the capital.  West Tennessee is part of the Gulf Coastal Plain.  The Tennessee Bottoms located here is an area of hilly land and streams.  The Mississippi Alluvial Plain located here has lowlands, flood plains, and swamp land.  Memphis is the largest city in the state and is located in West Tennessee.


The state’s economy’s major outputs include textiles, cotton, cattle, and electrical power.  Major industries are agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism.  Soybeans are a major output of West Tennessee.  Many major corporations have headquarters in Tennessee.  Tourism is a big portion of Tennessee’s  economy.  The state has been ranked as a Top 10 US destination.


Music produced and celebrated in Tennessee has impacted our culture.  Rock and roll, blues, country, and rockabilly have a been developed and had stars emerge.  Beale Street, Sun Records, the Grand Ole Opry, and more have produced impactful music.  Dollywood, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and Graceland are among the state’s major attractions.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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