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Oklahoma is inspirational.  Oklahoma was admitted to the Union of the United States of America on November 16, 1907.  One of Oklahoma’s nicknames is Sooner State.  This became a nickname because non-Native settlers staked claim to land before the date they were allowed to in what was America’s Indian Territory.  Oklahoma came from Choctaw words okla and humma that mean “red people”.  There is evidence that native people traveled through the state as long ago as the last ice age.


French explorers claimed the area in the 1700s and it remained under French control until 1803.  The United States then purchased the area as part of the Louisiana Purchase.  The Choctaw and the other of the Five Civilized Tribes were deported from what had been their land and forced to move to what was then Indian Territory.  Over 30 Native American nations lived in this area by 1890.  There were attempts to create an all-Indian state.  These attempts failed, but led to the Oklahoma Statehood Convention.


Oklahoma is in the South Central United States.  Oklahoma is considered part of the Great Plains, Cross Timbers, and U.S. Interior Highlands.  There are small mountain ranges, mesas, prairie, and forests.  It is a geographically diverse state.  Colorado and Kansas border Oklahoma to the north.  Missouri and Arkansas border the state to the east.  Due to their shapes Texas is to the southeast and south of Oklahoma.  New Mexico has a part of its border to the west of the state.


Oklahoma is in a humid subtropical region.  It is in a transition zone between a humid continental climate, a semi-arid climate, and a humid subtropical climate.  It is part of Tornado Alley.  An average of 62 tornados occur per year in Oklahoma.  Other severe weather that occurs in the state is severe thunderstorms and large hail.


Oklahoma has many state parks, six national parks or protected areas, two national protected forests or grasslands, and wildlife preserves and conservation areas.  There is a wide variety of flora and fauna.


Oklahoma’s economy includes sectors of the oil industry, aviation, energy, transportation equipment, agriculture, food processing, electronics, and  telecommunication.  It is an important producer of natural gas, aircraft, and food.  It is ranked as one of the most business-friendly states.  Jobs are provided by government, transportation and utilities, education, business, manufacturing, and aerospace.  The Biotechnology industry is growing in the state.


Oklahoma is a culturally diverse state.  Residents are known for southern hospitality and philanthropy.  The state is known for Native American, Mexican American, and Asian American music and art.  One of the largest classical music festivals and a top fine arts festivals in the nation are both in Oklahoma.  Five Native American ballerinas have attained worldwide fame.  The Tulsa Ballet is ranked as one of the top U.S. ballet companies.  Well-reviewed community theatre companies are throughout the state.  There are more than 300 museums.  Ethnic festivals and events occur throughout the year in Oklahoma.


Geography, cultural or sporting events, climate, and much more about Oklahoma attracts tourists and residents.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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