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New Jersey is inspirational.  New Jersey was admitted to the Union of the United States of America on December 18, 1787.  It became the 3rd state at this time.  New Jersey’s nickname is The Garden State.  Like a family garden, New Jersey is densely populated, divided into multiple sections, and is diverse.


New Jersey is bordered on the north and northeast by New York.  The Atlantic Ocean is to the east and south and southeast of portions of the state.  Delaware is to the southwest and Pennsylvania is to the west.  Delaware Bay and Delaware River also border New Jersey to the southwest and west.  New Jersey is considered to be in the Northeastern and Middle Atlantic regions of the country.  It is the fourth-smallest state and the eleventh-most populated state.  Its median household income also makes it the second-wealthiest state in the United States.


New Jersey was inhabited by Lenape Native American tribes before European settlement.  The Dutch and the Swedes established settlements in the 17th century.  English later took control of the area and named it the Province of New Jersey.  It became known as an area with ethnic and religious diversity.  In 1708 the ruler of the area was called to return to England.  The governor of New York took over rule until New Jersey was given its own governor in 1738.


New Jersey was one of the Thirteen Colonies that rebelled British rule during the American Revolution.  New Jersey passed their state constitution in 1776.  Five New Jersey representatives signed the United States Declaration of Independence.  Battles of the American Revolutionary War and the military capital of the revolution were in New Jersey.  Princeton, New Jersey became the nation’s capital and signing of the Treaty of Paris ended the war in 1783.


Non-married, white women could vote by authorization of the 1776 New Jersey State Constitution.  Its legislature changed this in 1807.  In 1804, New Jersey abolished slavery and phased out existing slavery.  However, even though just about a dozen African Americans were still held in bondage, voters did not ban slavery and grant rights to African Americans after the Civil War.


The Industrial Revolution changed New Jersey’s largely agrarian economy and Thomas Edison became an important inventor.  Iron mining became an important industry during the mid to late 19th century.  During the early 20th century, New Jersey was a center for war production making battleships, cruisers, and destroyers.  Later, New Jersey became a defense post during the Cold War.  The 21st century has brought two light rail systems to spur transit-oriented development.  Today, the economy is made up of the pharmaceutical industry, the financial industry, chemical development, telecommunications, food processing, electric equipment, printing, publishing, agriculture, and tourism.


Most of the state has a humid subtropical climate.  The northwest has a humid continental climate.  Summers are usually hot and humid and winters are usually cold.  Precipitation is spread throughout the year. Snowfall from 10 to 50 inches falls yearly depending on the part of the state.  Thunderstorms occur and nor’easters can occur.  Hurricanes, tropical storms, tornados, and earthquakes are rare.


New Jersey has had many famous natives and/or residents.  From musicians to other culturally significant figures New Jerseyans have made an impact.  Two United States Presidents have had ties to New Jersey:  President Grover Cleveland and President Woodrow Wilson.  Rock, rap, others genres of music, television, film, education, sports, and literature have all been impacted by New Jerseyans.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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