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New Hampshire is inspirational.  New Hampshire was admitted to the Union of the United States of America on June 21, 1788.  In January of 1776 it established a government with a state constitution that declared it independent of Great Britain’s rule.  New Hampshire ratified the United States Constitution later that year.


New Hampshire is The Granite State.  It earned this nickname because of its granite formations and quarries.  New Hampshire is a New England state in the northeastern United States.  Quebec, Canada is at its northern border.   Maine and the Atlantic Ocean are to the east.  It is bordered by Massachusetts to the south and Vermont to the west.  Concord is the state capital and Manchester is its largest city.


Algonquian Native American tribes inhabited the area before European settlement.  The first permanent European settlement in the state was made in 1679 at Hilton’s Point.  Paul Revere made his famous warning in 1774.  Following independence and years as a successful government, New Hampshire native Franklin Pierce became President of the Unites States.  In 1952, New Hampshire became known for the New Hampshire primary.  It has become the Republican and Democratic “testing ground” for presidential candidates.


Mount Washington is part of the White Mountain range in north-central New Hampshire.  Mount Madison and Mount Adams are nearby.  The southwest corner is flatter.  Major river and many lakes are in the state.  New Hampshire is in the temperate broadleaf and mixed forests biome.  Conifers, northern hardwoods, and mixed oaks are in forests.  The northern third of the state is rural.  The logging and paper industries have declined, but tourism is helping this area.  Tourists visit to ski, snowboard, hike, and mountain bike.


The humid continental climate provides warm, humid summers and cold, wet winters.  Winters are cold and snowy.  Nor’easters can result in extreme amounts of snow.  Alberta Clippers occur frequently and result in lighter snowfalls.  Hurricanes and tropical storms affect the state on occasion.  Some thunderstorms and a couple of tornados occur yearly.


Agricultural outputs for the state’s economy are dairy products, nursery stock, cattle, apples, and eggs.  Industrial outputs are machinery, rubber and plastic products, and electrical equipment.  Tourism is an important industry as well.


New Hampshire has executive, legislative, and judicial branches of state government.  The executive branch consists of the governor and a five-member executive council.  The legislature has a 400 seat membership of the House of Representatives.  The Senate has 24 senators.  Many of these people are volunteers.  The judicial branch is the New Hampshire Supreme Court, the Probate Court, District Court, and the Family Division.  The state has 10 counties and 234 cities and towns.


Notable fairs and events occur in New Hampshire, like the New Hampshire Highland Games.  Comics, film, literature, and television have all been impacted by the state and residents from the state.  Adam Sandler and Sarah Silverman are just two of the famous people from New Hampshire.  The first public library the first US Navy shipyard and other firsts have shaped our culture.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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