A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Montana is inspirational.  Montana was admitted to the Union of the United States of America on December 8, 1889.  Montana has a few unofficial nicknames one of them being Big Sky Country.  The landscape is inspiring.  One third of the state is covered in mountains.  The Rocky Mountains are on the western third of the state.  There are lakes and rivers between mountain ranges.  The rest of the state is part of the Great Plains and is prairie landscape with a number of isolated mountain ranges rivers, and lakes.


Montana is the 4th largest state and is landlocked unlike Alaska, Texas, and California.  Montana shares its northern border with three Canadian provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.  North Dakota and South Dakota are to the east.  The state of Wyoming is at its southern border.  Idaho is to the southwest and west.  The Continental Divide splits Montana into eastern and western regions.  Rock formations and soil composition is unique throughout the state.


Montana has 35% of its land protected by federal or state agencies.  Glacier National Park, part of Yellowstone National Park, ten National Forests, and over a million acres of National Wildlife Refuges are portions administered and protected by the United States.  The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks operates state parks river and lake access points.  Other land is protected for conservation and to benefit public schools and institutions.


Eastern Montana has a semi-arid continental climate.  The west has a modified northern Pacific coast climate.  The latter has milder winters, cooler summers, fog, less wind, and a longer growing season.  Depending on the geography temperature can vary greatly.  Summer nights can be cool and pleasant throughout the state.  In mountainous areas snow has fallen throughout the year.   The climate has become warmer In Montana.


Tourisms is important to the state’s economy.  Beer microbrewing ranks third in the country.  Important industries for lumber and mineral extraction, and other state resources are numerous.  The state does not have sales tax.  The unemployment rate is 3.9 percent.


Montana culture has made significant impact.  Charles Marion Russell, “the cowboy artist”‘ was a painter and sculptor who documented the land, culture, and people of the Western United States.  The C.M. Russell Museum Complex is in Great Falls, Montana.  Evelyn Cameron, a photographer and naturalist, documented prairie life in Montana during the early 20th century.  Montana authors have documented life in Montana in fiction and non-fiction works.  Sweet Pea Carnival is a three-day arts festival.  Montana Shakespeare in the Parks performs live, free theatrical productions.  The Crow Fair and Rodeo is the annual largest Northern Native American gathering.


Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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