A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Missouri is inspirational.  Missouri was admitted to the Union of the United States of America on August 10, 1821.  Missouri has several unofficial nicknames, such as Show Me State and Gateway to the West.  Stories of Missourians wanting to be shown things instead of just being told account for the former nickname.  The latter: Gateway to the West comes from the Mississippi River exploration departure point and later becoming a major port traffic area and the St. Louis Gateway Arch Monument.


Missouri is in the Midwestern United States region.  It has 114 counties and the independent city of St. Louis.  St. Louis is a largely populated urban area.  Jefferson City is the capital of Missouri.  Iowa borders the state to the north.  The Mississippi River followed by Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee are to the east.  Arkansas is to the South.  Oklahoma, Kansas, part of the Missouri River followed by a portion of Nebraska are to the west.  The state’s geography is varied.  Plains are in the north.  The Ozark Mountains are in the south.  The Missouri River divides the two regions.  The confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers is near St. Louis.  The Ohio River and the Mississippi River meet north of the state’s southern section known as the Bootheel.  Millions of visitors come to Missouri’s national parks, recreation areas, and caves.


The climate of the majority of Missouri is humid continental.  It has cold snowy winters and hot, humid, and wet summers.  Missouri’s temperature can vary greatly as well and the southern portion becomes humid subtropical.  Missouri does experience extreme weather.  The state is in Tornado Alley and has thunderstorms and tornados. Flora and fauna are varied.


Indigenous people lived in Missouri for thousands of years before European exploration and settlement.  Their cultures built earthwork mounds that survive today.  They had a trading network, but most had left the area by the time Europeans arrived.  French Canadians made-up most of the first settlers.  The French and the Spanish controlled settlements.  The St Louis area was a Native American fur trade center.  Missouri was part of the United States Louisiana Purchase in 1803.  Missouri was a Union state during the Civil War, but there was conflict over slavery in the state.  Leaders in the state during the late 19th to early 20th century tried to end corruption and modernize politics and society.


The economy has become centered on industry, service, and agriculture.  Industries include aerospace, transportation equipment, food processing, alcohol, chemicals, and others.  Agriculture includes beef, pork, soybeans, rice, dairy products, and others.  Resources include limestone, lead, coal, and crushed stone.  Tourism, services, and wholesale/retail trade are important to the Missouri’s economy as well.


Missouri has a legislative, judicial, and executive branch of government.  President Harry S Truman was from Missouri.  The state is known as a swing state and has a history of supporting the winning presidential candidate.  The Missouri State Board of Education has authority over public education in Missouri.  School is compulsory for ages seven to seventeen.  Homeschooling is legal.  There are schools for gifted children.


Music, literature, and film produced in or involving people from Missouri has had significant cultural impact.  Musicians include Chuck Berry, Sheryl Crow, Tina, Turner, and Eminem.  Writers include Mark Twain, William Least Heat-Moon, T. S. Eliot, and Tennessee Williams.  Filmmaker, animator, and businessman Walt Disney called parts of Missouri home.  Several films have been filmed in or partially filmed in Missouri.  College and professional sports have huge followings and impacts on Missouri’s culture and economy.


Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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