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Christmas is inspirational.  Merry Christmas!  Christmas is a religious holiday celebrated around the world.  It is a religious holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, however its celebration is observed by people who are not Christians as well as Christians.  Billions of people celebrate and it is celebrated religiously and culturally.  People go to church, exchange gifts, get together with family and friends, decorate, and/or have specials meals and traditions.  Music, specifically Christmas carols, and stories have a special place in traditions.


The Western Christian Church has declared December 25 the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus since the middle of the 4th century and some have recognized this day before the 4th century.  December 25th is nine months from the date Mary is said to have conceived the Son of God on March 25th.  Christmas was recorded as Christesmasse in the 11th century.  It originated from a term meaning Christ’s Mass. It is celebrated by Christians as the fulfillment of the Messianic prophecy.  Jesus is said to have been born, by slightly different accounts, in the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke in the city of Bethlehem on this day.  Witnesses came to the stable of Jesus’ birth after being told of it by angels.  Sometime after the birth, Jesus was brought gifts by magi to commemorate the event.


Puritans, and others, have protested the celebration of Christmas at times of our history.  However, there is evidence that Christmas has been celebrated by groups of people from the time the church was founded in 311.  Some aspects of Christmas, such as gift giving, were celebrated by pre-Christian festivals and became associated with Christmas over time.  Kings have been crowned or had Christmas feasts or public festivals that have been recorded since the Middle Ages.


In 1843, A Christmas Carol was written by Charles Dickens.  The writing of Dickens, and others, became very important to Christmas celebrations.  The holiday and time of year is one that reminds all of the importance of family, compassion, generosity, and caring for others.  Decorations of red, green, and gold are symbolic of Jesus’ blood, eternal life, and gifts or royalty respectively.  Gift giving has made the Christmas holiday season the most profitable time of year for retailers and businesses throughout the world.  From stamps and Christmas cards to decorations to gifts and food Christmas is a time to celebrate and enjoy.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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