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Mississippi is inspirational.  Mississippi was admitted to the Union of the United States of America on December 10, 1817.  Nicknames of Mississippi are The Magnolia State and The Hospitality State.  Mississippi is in the southern United States.  Jackson is the capital and largest city.  Mississippi is bordered on the north by Tennessee.  Alabama is at its eastern border.  To the south is Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico.  To the west is the Mississippi River followed by the states of Louisiana and Arkansas.


Paleo-Indians or Native Americans lived in Mississippi around 10,000 BC.  They were hunter-gatherers.  Agricultural fields grew with Native American settlement in villages.  In the mid 16th century Spanish explorers were in the northeast part of the state.  The first European settlement was by French colonists in 1699.  Through the 18th century the state was ruled by Spanish, French, and British colonial governments at different times.  African slaves were imported as laborers and a group of free people of color were born.  After the American Revolution and the United States purchase of land from Native American tribes, Mississippi was admitted to the Union.  Cotton plantation owners with slaves became very rich and created classes of poor whites, African American, and rich white owners.


Mississippi succeeded from the Union in 1861.  They fought and suffered mass casualties with the Confederate states.  Following the war, Mississippi had a constitutional convention in 1868 with black and white delegates.    Universal suffrage was adopted, the convention provided for public schools, and provided for civil rights in multiple areas.  Mississippi was restored to the Union in 1870.


Mississippi is the most religious state in the United States.  African American churches became a significant part of the culture.  After the Civil War the south became known as the “Bible Belt”.  White conservative churches are a place where political trends have grown.  The Southern Baptist Convention have a significant following with the United Methodists and the Roman Catholic Church coming just behind it in the number of their adherents.  Other religions have a small percentage of the population following their faiths as well.


Mississippians have had significant impact on American music.  Gospel music, country music, jazz, blues, and rock and roll were invented or developed in Mississippi.  Musicians that moved north spread their music.  Chicago’s jazz and blues musicians can be traced back to connections with Mississippi roots.


Mississippi has a humid subtropical climate.  Summers are long and winters are short and mild.  Thunderstorms are common.  Tornadoes occur annually around 27 times.  Hurricanes are possible.  Hurricane Camille and Hurricane Katrina were devastating.  Flooding has been a problem.  The state and federal governments have constructed levees and worked to restore original riverine ecology in problem areas.


Mississippi has the lowest household income median in the United States.  Health issues, including obesity, are a problem in the state.  Mississippi does have a low cost of living.


In addition to music, Mississippi has impacted literature and other forms of art.  The USA International Ballet Competition was established in Jackson.  Magnolia Independent Film Festival is held annually.  Notable entertainment and political people are from Mississippi.  This list includes: Morgan Freemen, James Earl Jones, Oprah Winfrey, Walter Payton, William Faulkner, John Grisham, James Bevel, Jimmy Buffet, Faith Hill, Elvis Presley, and John Alexander.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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