A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Minnesota is inspirational.  Minnesota was admitted to the Union of the United States of America May 11, 1858.  Nicknames for the state include: Land of 10,000 Lakes, North Star State, The State of Hockey, and The Gopher State.  Minnesota is in the Midwestern United States.  Saint Paul is the capital and nearby Minneapolis is the largest city giving this metropolitan area the nickname “Twin Cities”.


The Native American Dakota people lived in Minnesota before other Native Americans and then Europeans settled in the state.  Many European settlers were from Scandinavia and Germany.  In 1762 most of the state was part of Spanish Louisiana.  Minnesota Territory was formed in 1849.  Logging and farming were primary aspects of the state’s early economy.


The iron-mining industry was added to logging and farming with the discovery iron in the 1880s.  Industrial development and manufacturing made city living more common.  After World War II, Minnesota became a center of technology.  Top companies, such as Target, 3M, General Mills, and Hormel, are headquartered in Minnesota today.  Agriculturally, the state is a large producer of sugar beets, sweet corn, and green peas.  Forestry, logging, and pulpwood processing are strengths.  Iron ore production accounts for much of the world’s supply and taconite mining continues.  Technology and biomedical firms have been additions to the manufacturing sector.


Tourism is significant to the state’ economy and culture.  The Mall of America, fishing, hunting, festivals, professional sports, and physical and seasonal activities all attract vacationers.  Physical fitness and health are important in Minnesota.  Minnesota has been ranked as the healthiest state in the U.S.  The University of Minnesota Medical School and The Mayo Clinic, based on Rochester, are top-rated.  Residents are healthy and well-educated.  Minnesota has shown a commitment to education.  One of the legislatures first acts was to open a school.  Today, the state supports a network of public colleges and universities.


Minnesota has an executive, legislative, and judicial branch of state government.  City, county, and regional government exists as well.  The Twin Cities have a Metropolitan Council and many lakes and rivers are overseen by watershed districts and soil and water conservation districts.


Fine art museums, theater, musicals, and comedy events attract tourists and local attendants.  Laura Ingalls Wilder, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Sinclair Lewis, and many others have written about Minnesota.  Minnesota musicians like Bob Dylan, Prince, and The Replacements have added to our culture.  Charles M. Schultz, who created Peanuts, was a Saint Paul native.  Newspapers, television shows, theater, and film productions have had contributions from Minnesotans.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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