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Maryland is inspirational.  Maryland was admitted to the Union of the United States of America on April 28, 1788.  Maryland has been known by multiple nicknames over the years including: Old Line State, Chesapeake Bay State, Free State, Little America, and America in Miniature.  You may think of Maryland as a New England state due to its size, however it is located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.  Pennsylvania borders it to the north.    Delaware and the Atlantic Ocean are to its east.  From the south to the west is the Atlantic Ocean, Washington D.C., Virginia, and West Virginia.  The Chesapeake Bay bisects the State.


Part of the reason for one of its nicknames being America in Miniature is due to the variety of its landscape.  There is sandy dunes with seagrass to the east, low marshlands, rolling hills and oak forests in the central Piedmont Region, and pine groves and mountains in the west.  The Chesapeake Bay is essential to Maryland’s geography and economy.


The flora and fauna is abundant and healthy.  There are many types of plants.  Foreign species of plants are cultivated in the state.  Many species of animals can be found ranging in the different environments.  White tailed deer overpopulation and possible overpopulation of rare wild horses has to be contended with every year.  Environmentally, Maryland has been ranked as the “greenest” state.


Maryland has a variety of climates.  The eastern half of the state has a humid subtropical climate.  It has hot, humid summers and short, mild to cool winters.  Winters are colder and snowier in the Piedmont Region.  The western portion is a humid continental climate.  Tropical cyclones and hurricanes are unusual occurrences.  Thunderstorms and tornados do occur yearly, but their occurrences are not frequent.


Settlements began in Maryland as area with religious freedom.  A Puritan revolt occurred with Protestants burning down Catholic churches.  The Toleration Act was enacted and re-enacted as needed.  Religious freedom was achieved, although religions fought during the state’s history.  Freed African Americans and slaves lived in Maryland before the Civil War.  Many Maryland planters freed their slaves twenty years after the Revolutionary War.  The state was loyal to the Union during the Civil War.


Today, Maryland residents are ranked the wealthiest in the country and  poverty is the lowest in the country.  Defense/aerospace industry and bio-research laboratories are important.  Manufacturing and mining are key.  The Port of Baltimore and its rail and trucking make transportation a major service activity.  Agriculture and fishing are important to food-production and tourism.


Annapolis is the capital of Maryland.  Executive, legislative, and judicial braches make the state government.  Maryland State Department of Education oversees primary and secondary education.  The schools in Maryland ranked #1.  Historic and renowned private colleges and universities, such as John Hopkins University, are in Maryland.


Maryland has major and minor league professional sports teams.  The Preakness Stakes, one of the Triple Crown horse races, is run in Baltimore, Maryland annually.  Golf tournaments have been held in the state.  Jousting is the official state sport.  Maryland became the first state with an official exercise when it adopted walking as the exercise in 2008.  The idea was to promote physical fitness for all ages.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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