A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Iowa is inspirational.  Iowa was admitted to the Union of the United States of America on December 28, 1846.  Iowa’s nickname is the Hawkeye State.  Iowa territorial officials approved of the nickname years before Iowa became a state.  A judge and newspaper publisher supported the nickname as a tribute to the Sauk Native American leader Chief Black Hawk.  Today, the University of Iowa’s athletic teams are called the Hawkeyes.


Iowa is a Midwestern state often referred to as in America’s Heartland.  Iowa is bordered by the Mississippi River and then Wisconsin and Illinois to the east.  Missouri borders Iowa to the south.  The Missouri River and the Sioux River and then and then Nebraska and South Dakota to the west.  South Dakota and Minnesota border Iowa to the north.  The rivers and their tributaries add to the geology of the state.  The Loess hills, hills that can reach hundreds of feet, are on the west.  Steep hills and valleys are found in the northeast.  Many lakes, natural and man-made, are present.  Remnants from wetlands are present in the northwest.  Prairie, savanna, forest, and wetlands all add to the geology.


The climate od Iowa is a humid continental climate.  The annual average temperature is 50 degrees F, however winters can be harsh and snowfall is common.  Spring is a severe weather season with thunderstorms and tornadoes.  Summers are often hot and humid.  Rain is common, especially in the summer ending by fall.


American Indians lived in Iowa over 13,000 years ago.  In the 17th century European explorers found Native American societies and farms when they arrived.  The area became a French territory and remained as such until 1763.  The Sauk and Meskwaki tribes traded on the Mississippi River in the 18th and 19th centuries.  France, Spain, and Great Britain all had control and/or trading posts at times.  The United States gained control in 1803.  Military control came in 1808.


Iowa supported Abraham Lincoln and the Union during the Civil War.  More than 75,000 volunteers served during the war.  Settlement and agricultural production grew after the war.  Business and manufacturing grew during subsequent wars and the Great Depression.  Today, there is agriculture, manufacturing, biotechnology, finance and insurance services, and government services all impacting the economy.


Des Moines is the capital and largest city in Iowa.  There are many historic sites, state parks, museums, and dramatic scenery attracting tourists to Iowa.  Iowa is known for being a safe state and being good for business.  Iowa has baseball, basketball, hockey, and football professional teams.  College sports, soccer, NASCAR, and the PGA all attract fans to and in Iowa.  President Herbert Hoover and other politicians and leaders have called Iowa home.  Nobel Prize winners, writers, artists, musicians, actors, athletes, and others famous individuals have called Iowa home.  Be inspired!   Have a bright day!

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