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Indiana is inspirational.  Indiana was admitted to the Union of the United States of America on December 11, 1816.  The Hoosier State is its nickname.  Anyone who lives there is called a Hoosier.  Indiana University uses the term Hoosier to refer to those in their athletic programs and on their teams.  The term was first popularized in John Finley’s 1833 poem “The Hoosier’s Nest” in 1833, but it was in wide use by the 1840s to refer to anyone living in Indiana.


Indiana is a Midwestern state.  It is bordered by Lake Michigan and the state of Michigan to the north.  Ohio borders Indiana to the east and Illinois borders Indiana to the west.  The Ohio River and the state of Kentucky border Indiana to the south.  Most of Indiana is in the Eastern Time Zone, however parts of it are in Central Time.  Six counties in the northwest and six counties in the southwest part of the state are in the Central Time Zone.


Paleo-Indians were inhabitants in Indiana as far back as 8000 BC.  People were known to make tools and cook food as far back as 5000 BC.  Following this Archaic period came the Woodland period.  Culture and agriculture continued to spread and be improved upon.  The Mississippian culture came next and lasted until the mid-15th century.  Native American tribes and Europeans came next.


Once Indiana be came a state, politicians worked to turn the state from a rugged frontier into a developed and thriving state.  Roads, canals, railroads, and public schools were built.  Indiana was a large part of the Civil War.  Soldiers from Indiana numbered 208,367.  Indiana continued to be an agricultural state, however industry grew in the early 20th century.  Indiana became a strong manufacturing state with ties to the auto industry.  Pharmaceuticals, research, manufacturing, agriculture all are important parts of the state’s economy.  Indiana has been ranked as one of the best places to do business.


Indiana has three branches of government: the executive, the legislative, and the judicial.  It is divided into 92 counties.  Residents from Indiana have a long history of inclusion in presidential elections.  A couple of Vice- Presidents and President Benjamin Harrison were from Indiana.  There are several military installations in Indiana.


Professional sports and auto racing attract players and fans to Indiana.  Football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer all have teams that call Indiana home.  The Indianapolis 500 is at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway every Memorial Day.  College sports are huge as well.  There are ten teams in NCAA Division I programs.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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