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Idaho is inspirational.  Idaho was admitted to the Union of the United States of America on July 3, 1890.  Its nickname is Gem State, however a popular nickname is Potato State.  Potato is the state vegetable and its production is an important and large part of the economy of the state.


Idaho is a northwestern state that the Rocky Mountains go through.  Its highest point is Borah Peak.  Besides mountain ranges, the state has several other geographic features.  Rivers, lakes, canyons, and waterfalls are numerous.  Notable mountain ranges include the Sawtooth Range, the Bitterroot Range, and the White Cloud Mountains.  Six states and the country of Canada border Idaho.  From north to west it is bordered by Canada and the states of: Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, and Washington.


The climate varies depending on location in the state.  The west side of the state does have a maritime influence and a more moderate winter.  The eastern part of the state has a more semi-arid continental climate with wetter summers and drier winters.


Some of the oldest artifacts revealing human activity were excavated in Idaho.  It seems French- Canadian trappers were in Idaho before the Lewis and Clark expedition.  Idaho was part of the Provisional Government of Oregon during the mid-nineteenth century.  Idaho Territory was created in 1863.  Idaho became a state in 1890.


The state’s economy was supported by metal mining, then agriculture, forest products, and tourism.   Today, tourism and agriculture are still major factors, however science and technology are also key industries in the state.  Potatoes and three kinds of wheat are important crops.  The world’s largest factory for barrel cheese is in Idaho.  Tourists are attracted outdoor activities like snowmobiling and snow skiing.  A number of Fortune 500 companies have ties to Idaho.


The state’s government is modeled after the United States with executive, legislative, and judicial branches.  Idaho’s constitution requires a balanced budget.  There are 44 counties.


Idaho has 9 national parks.  There are two national recreation areas in the state.  There are 6 national wildlife refuges.  There are 2 national conservation areas.  There are numerous state parks as well.  Much of the state is covered by rugged, unspoiled land.  Much of it is protected wilderness.


Renewable energy, such as hydroelectric power, geothermal energy, and wind power are essential to the state’s energy sources.  Energy resources are imported from other states, however there is development potential for wind and solar power.  Idaho is working and growing.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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