A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Florida is inspirational.  Florida was admitted to the Union of the United States of America on March 3, 1845.  Florida is highly recognizable for its shape.  Florida is a peninsula that’s three coasts extend into the Atlantic Ocean, the Straits of Florida, and the Gulf of Mexico from east to west.  To the north are the state borders of Alabama and Georgia.  Tallahassee is the capital of Florida.  Jacksonville is the country’s largest city in the lower 48 and the state’s most populous city.


Florida, with over a thousand miles of coastline, has the most coastline out of the contiguous United States.  The climate is considered subtropical to tropical from north to south.  The soil is sedimentary and most of the state is at or near sea level.  The beaches and weather attract a lot of people to Florida.  Another area of interest are the animals.  Between animals found in Everglades National Park, migratory birds, marine mammals, Key deer found in the Florida Keys, and many others Florida attracts a lot of nature lovers.


Tourism is a leading industry in the state’s economy.  From the weather and beaches to the amusement parks and resorts to the state’s retirees and others that move to Florida, over 60 million people visit the state every year.  Sports draw people as well.


Agriculture, fishing, boat sales, phosphate mining, government, education, military, aerospace, banking, and healthcare all have significant impact on Florida’s economy.  Products grown that have a major part of the economy are citrus fruits, sugarcane, strawberries, tomatoes, celery, sweet corn, and green beans.


Florida has ten major-league professional sports teams.  Spring training draws half of MLB teams and tourists to watch spring training.  NASCAR is headquartered and holds major races there.  The PGA and LPGA are headquartered and have important golf matches there as well.  Tennis has major events in the state yearly.  Minor leagues and Florida universities have sports programs that draw a lot of attention as well.


Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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