A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Cats are inspirational.  Cats are often furry, carnivorous mammals that live throughout the world, except on Antarctica.  Cats long histories have roots in Africa, Asia, and other places.  Domesticated cats have multiple possible origins as well.  Egyptians, Romans, and others are known to have kept cats as pets.  Superstitions and beliefs about cats are abundant in popular culture.


Wild or feral cats live in many places in the world.  Cats are attracted to places where people live.  Cats hunt and prey on birds and rodents, among other small animals.  Birds and rodents live in cities, so feral cats establish territories in these places.  Female cats can have up to approximately 150 kittens during their lives, so populations of birds and cats may become in danger of extinction of explosion.  Some cities have groups that capture, neuter, and inoculate cats to both help the cities and their populations of both birds and cats.


Cats are very popular pets in Europe and North America.  Cats are playful pets and seem to enjoy being teased with string and other toys.  Cats are affectionate with their owners and will often cuddle and purr.  Cats communicate with other vocalizations as well.  They will cry when hungry and growl, yelp, or yowl.  Body language is another way that cats communicate.  An arched back and puffed up fur may be used to warn competitors and laying their ears back and rubbing up against someone is a sign of affection.  Cats are fairly intelligent animals and even seem to attempt to teach their owners to hunt.  Many people believe this is why cats will bring back home their kill after a night out.  They are said to be trying to help their owner.


A cat’s gait minimizes tracts as they attempt to place hind feet where their forefeet stuck.  This also decreases noise and they are known for their quiet walk.  They are also known for landing on their feet when they fall.  This is partly due to their reflexes and has added to the belief that cats have multiple lives.  Nine lives is a myth held in many cultures.  Others believe in six or seven.  Cats are revered in some cultures and negative superstitions exist as well. A black cat crossing your path as bad luck or cats’ association with witches are beliefs held by some.  Cats have had major roles in literature, film, and television.  Hello Kitty and other characters are enjoyed by many people.


Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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