A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Horses are inspirational.  Horses are a very popular  domesticated mammal.  They have been widely domesticated since 3000 BC.  There are some wild populations of horses, although some were domesticated at one time or are descendants of horses who were once domesticated.


Horses’ four legs and hooved feet allow them to be strong runners and their strong backs allow them to carry, at times, heavy burdens.  Some horses are breed for speed and other horses are breed for work.  Horseracing is big business and involves millions of horses.  Horses are used for agriculture and to carry carts and carriages in many places throughout the world.  Fields are often plowed by horses with plows strapped to their backs.


Equestrian sports were used to hone skills needed in battle, but also entertain crowds.  Today, equestrian sports include: show jumping, dressage, competitive driving, endurance riding, and rodeos.  Horseracing includes racing over jumps and harness racing where their drivers are pulled in a light cart, as well as, horses competing by running around a horse track.


Babies, foals, are usually born in the spring following about eleven months of gestation.  Foals are able to walk and run shortly after birth.  Horses are considered mature after about four years and generally live 25 to 30 years.  Horses have many different colors of fur and their markings differ.  Chestnut and black coloring is common, however gray and many other coat colors are possible in horses.


Horses have a large field of vision and good hearing.  They have a great sense of balance and taste as well.  Many breeds of horses eat 24 pounds of food and drink at least 10 gallons of water a day.  Horses have been shown to learn and their intelligence is said to be high.


Many jobs are still done by horses.  Mounted police horses are used for crowd control and in places where they are needed.  Cattle ranchers use them to herd cattle.  Rescue organizations use horses where vehicles cannot or should not be used.  Park rangers and game wardens use horses for patrols.  Horses are, also, used for therapeutic uses with people with physical and mental disabilities.


Horses are represented throughout popular culture.  They are in television, films, and literature.  They are used to preserve cultural traditions and for ceremonies.  Royalty and celebrities are known to use carriages pulled by horses.  Public exhibitions and parades use horses and they are used in advertising.  They are present in cultural mythology and appear in the Chinese zodiac.


Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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