A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Frogs are inspirational.  Frogs are amphibians found throughout most of the world and there are thousands of species.  They live from the tropics to subarctic regions.  There is a large percentage of frogs living in tropical rainforests.  Adult frogs have stout bodies, protruding eyes, long legs, and often wet skin through which respiration occurs.  Their skin comes in a variety of colors and patterns.  Some frogs are browns and greens and other frogs are colorful to warn predators, often black with slashes of bright colors.  Secretions on their skin can warn off predators as well.  The secretions  can be poisonous or distasteful.  Frogs range in size from one found in Papua New Guinea at under an inch long to the goliath frog in Cameroon at a foot long.


Frogs often live in fresh water, but some live on dry land, underground, or in trees.  Most travel by jumping and some have suction pads to help with climbing.  Eggs are usually laid in water.  Eggs hatch into tadpoles which swim with tails and have gills.  They then metamorphose into adults, losing their tales.  Some species are born on land and bypass the tadpole stage.  Most frogs are carnivorous and eat small invertebrates.  Some are omnivorous are also feed on fruit.


Frogs make-up crucial parts of ecosystems.  Their place in the  predator/prey food chain makes their survival an important part of ecosystems.  Since the 1950s frog populations have declined significantly.  More than a third of species are threatened and 120 are thought to have become extinct.  Frogs are the focus of conversationalist programs.


Frogs have become a part of popular culture.  They are popular food items in many cultures.  Frogs are valued and have cultural roles in literature, symbolism, and religion.  They have central roles in many fairy tales and are in folklore.  Frogs have been worshipped and are depicted in art.  They are often depicted with hidden talents and as symbols of fertility.  Michigan J. Frog and Kermit the Frog are known for their talent.  Michigan J. Frog sings and dances with his tophat, but is unseen by the crowds his owner tries to attract.  Kermit the Frog is friendly and talented, but often exasperated by the antics of other characters.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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