A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Parrots are inspirational.  Parrots are birds found in tropical and subtropical areas.  The species is divided into three families: “true” parrots, cockatoos, and New Zealand parrots.  There is great diversity of parrot species, especially in South America and Australia.  Parrots have a powerful curved bill, strong legs, and many have colorful plumage.  Most eat seeds, nuts, fruit, buds, and other plant material.  Some are carnivorous, eating animals and carrion.


Parrots, for the most part, are monogamous.  Pairs often maintain their bonds.  Parrots sometimes nest in trees, but more often cavities dug in cliffs, banks, or the ground.  The female does the incubation duties for the white eggs of the pair.  The male feeds the female or gives the female short breaks to forage.  Incubation lasts about a month and the babies are dependent when born.  They are dependent in their nest up to about a month old, but may receive parental care for several months.


Parrots are considered one of most intelligent of bird species.  They mimic human speech and have been known to learn word meanings and solve puzzles.  Their nature and often appealing coloration make them popular pets in many places in the world.  People should know and understand that they are considered high maintenance pets.  They live approximately as long as humans and need attention.  Their pet-owners need to engage them, they need toys, and activity.  Parrots may become aggressive with their owners or pluck their own feathers, participating in self-harm, if they do not receive the attention they require.  Many careers and professions revolve around parrots.  Veterinarians, biologists, and aviculturists all have professionals that focus on parrots.


Parrot species have been threatened by the pet trade, habitat loss, predation, and hunting.  Groups have worked for their protection and several groups have been successful.  The International Union for Conservation of Nature and the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species have made great gain for parrots.


Parrots are on country’s flags, in stories, art, language, humor, religion, music and in other aspects of popular culture.  Parrots are in the media.  Parrots have also been considered sacred by groups of people.  Enjoy the parrot!  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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