A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Koalas are inspirational.  Koalas are often called Koala Bears because of their appearance, however they are not really bears.  They are marsupial mammals that live in coastal areas of eastern and southern Australia.  They have stout furry bodies, no tail, large heads, rounded and fluffy ears, and a spoon-shaped nose.  They are from two to almost three feet long and weigh from nine to just over thirty pounds.  They range from silver grey to chocolate brown.


Koalas are herbivores.  They live in eucalypt woodlands and eat the leaves of these trees.  The leaves, however, do not possess high nutritional value therefore a koala sleeps about twenty hours a day.  They are awake to forage at night.  Koalas are asocial, except for the bond between females and their babies.


Gestation lasts up to seven weeks for the usual single baby.  At this age the joey, baby, weighing just a couple of ounces crawls into its mother’s pouch.  There the joey suckles milk from one of its mother’s teats.  At 26 weeks the fully furry joey begins to peak out of its pouch.  It emerges from the pouch at six or seven months when about one pound.  The joey stays with its mother and is often on her back.  The joey is fully weaned from its mothers milk and weighs about five and a half pounds by the time its a year old.  At this time the joey moves away to its own territory and the mother has a new joey if still reproducing.


The koala has been researched, studied, and documented.  It has appeared in paintings, sketches, stories, as a mascot, in songs, on coins, and on animated television programs along with having other cultural implications.  Many tourists visit Australia with a goal of seeing koala.  Australia has taken steps to protect and preserve koala.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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