A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Platypus are inspirational.  Platypus are semiaquatic mammals that live in Australia.  Platypus are unique for many reasons.  Their look makes them standout from other animal species.  They have bills that reassemble a duck.  They have four webbed feet as well.  Their bodies are covered in waterproof fur.  They have tails that resemble a beaver’s tail.  They have mouths beneath their bills as well.  They have four limbs that go out to their sides like a lizards when walking on land.  The male platypus is venomous.  In fact their gnome is 80% like a mammals, but also has a lot of similarities to reptiles.  They possess genes only found previously in birds, amphibians, and fish as well.


Their bills use electrolocation to locate their prey.  While swimming side to side movement of their bill allows them to track prey.  They, also, use their bill to dig into stream bottoms for prey.          Platypus are carnivores.  They eat worms, incest larvae, freshwater shrimp, and freshwater yabby. While swimming they use their webbed front feet to propel themselves forward.  Their hind feet and beaver-like tails are used to steer them.


Platypus are born from roundish, leathery eggs.  This makes them unique as they are one of the only egg-laying mammals.  Females carry the eggs until they lay them in burrows nearby to water.  They nest with them for a few weeks before the leave them for periods of time to forage.  The mother platypus has mammary glands, but no teats.  Milk comes from pores and collects on the mother’s body were it is consumed by the young.  At four months, young emerge from their burrow.  When they mature they have an approximately four mile range and dig their own burrows.


The male platypus is venomous.  Both males and females are born with spurs on their hind feet.  The males spurs produce venom.  Males use the venom in defense.  It is powerful enough to kill animals about the size of wild dogs, but is not lethal to humans.


Platypus have had cultural impact.  They are in Dreamtime stories of indigenous Australians.  Stories celebrate them for having pride in what makes them special.  They are mascots for different sporting events and have a trophy made of them.  The platypus has been featured in songs and on television shows.  They, also, appear on Australian postage stamps and coins.


Celebrate your uniqueness along with that of the Platypus!  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!


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