A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Elephants are inspirational.  Elephants are the largest land animal species.  African elephants reach up to approximately 13 feet tall and weigh 15,000 pounds.  Asian elephants are a bit smaller.  African elephants and Asian elephants are the two recognized species of elephant, although there is some variations of elephants in different locations.  Elephants can be found in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.  Besides their size, elephants are recognizable for their large ears and tusks.  Their large ears can be used to cool their body temperatures by flapping them.  Their tusks are incisors that grow beyond their mouths and are made of ivory.  Elephants use their tusks as tools for digging and during fights as weapons.

People have had relationships with elephants throughout history that can be seen as positive and/or negative.  Elephants have been used during war and are still used as transportation in areas or as work machines to move items.  Elephants are in zoos and circuses.  Due to their intelligence, elephants can be trained to perform.  The World Wildlife Foundation and the Wildlife Conservation Network are just two of organizations that are dedicated to saving elephants and work to end the poaching of elephants for their ivory tusks.

Elephants spend much of their time awake on the move.  Males travel and live their daily lives alone or with other males.  Females live their daily lives with other related females and their children.  Male young stay with these family groups for a few years.  Elephants tend to eat three meals.  They eat in the morning, around noon, and at night.  Elephants are known to nap (standing up), but generally sleep around three hours a night (laying down).  They can eat up to 330 pounds of food and drink 11 galloons of water a day.  Staying near water, but walking miles a day helps to shape the environments in which they live.

Elephants have relationships with other animal species with which they live in the wild.  Their predators seem to attack only the young or weak.  When they eat their food is only partially digested.  Their partially-digested defecation is eaten by other species of animals and the seeds from plants germinate and become new plants.  The waterholes they dig with their tusks to drink or widen by bathing are used by other animals.  Olive baboons and elephants, for example, have a mutualistic relationship.  They help each other.  Elephants dig waterholes olive baboons use.  Olive baboons screech and make noise that warns elephants of approaching predators.  Elephants are integral members of the environments where they live.

Elephants have inspired many stories and beloved characters.  Elephants are amazing animals.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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