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Happy Election Day!  Today is election day.  Whether you have the day off or not, Election Day is a day to appreciate.  On Election Day people can exercise their civic duty by voting.  Local, state, and federal officials can be voted for so we all can be involved in major decisions that effect our lives.  Even numbered years are the years designated to electing public officials.  Presidents serve four year terms, so every four years voter turnout tends to be higher.  Members of the House of Representatives serve two year terms, so they are on the ballot every even numbered year.  The Senate elects officials on these even numbered years as well.  Even though their term of office is six years, a third of the country’s Senators are elected every even numbered year.

Historically, Election Day evolved to become the Tuesday after the first Monday in November over time.  Tuesday was chosen because of the time it took voters to arrive at polling locations by horse-drawn carriages.  People did not want these long trips to interfere with worship services on Sundays or market days often held on Wednesdays.  November was good because this was at the end of major harvest times in a lot of areas.  When transportation and the speed of news travelling by telegraph and subsequent  means increased, the need for a common time did as well.

Some states do hold elections on odd-numbered years for local and state officials.  Some states have a civic holiday on Election Day.  Democracy Day has been proposed to make Election Day a federal holiday.  Most states do allow early or absentee voting.

Citizens, elected politicians included, have developed the system used to elect public officials and make important decisions over time.  Everyone in the United States of America has a stake in the system and everyone has value in the system.  Be involved.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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