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Harry S. Truman.  Harry S. Truman was the thirty-third President of the United States of America.  Harry S. Truman became President when Franklin Delano Roosevelt died April 12, 1945 and remained President until January 20, 1953.  His presidency came at the end of World War II and at the start of the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

Harry S. Truman was born May 8, 1884 in Missouri.  His father was a farmer and livestock dealer.  Harry was named for an uncle and the S. was given to him to honor both of his grandfathers whose names included an S.  The initial was given not to stand for a name, but as part of his Scots-Irish culture’s tradition.  His parents next had another son and then a daughter.  After graduating high school Harry had a couple of jobs before joining the army in 1917.  He served during World War I.  After the war, Harry married Bess Wallace in 1919.  They had a daughter.

Public service became his focus.  Following work at a haberdashery, he became a County Court judge.  Later, he served as Presiding Judge of Jackson Country, Missouri.  He went on to be a United States Senator before becoming Vice President and then President.

Historically, both the public and scholars, have been divided in their reactions to his presidency.  After Nazi Germany surrendered at the end of World War II, but before the war was over with Japan President Truman sanctioned the use of atomic bombs on Japan.  He saw the use of atomic bombs as a way to save lives that would have been lost in battle on both sides.  He assisted in the founding the United Nations and NATO.  He saw civil rights as essential and moral.  There were numerous administration scandals during Truman’s presidency, although President Truman was seen as someone with high moral character.

Economic strains and challenges led to pensions for Presidents.  Before his pension he published his memoirs, but also had to sell property and take out a bank loan.  He lived until he was 88 years old and died in 1972.  His wife Bess died in 1982.

Harry S. Truman has been honored with historic sites and was awarded with a Congressional Gold Medal.  He has memorials as well, including a star on the Missouri Walk of Fame.  Harry S. Truman may inspire you to stand up for what you believe in!  Have a bright day!

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