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Warren Gamaliel Harding.  Warren G. Harding was the twenty-ninth President of the United States of America.  He served from March 4, 1921 until August 2, 1923.  He died of a cerebral hemorrhage in San Francisco, California during a goodwill speaking tour he had deemed the “Voyage of Understanding”.  While very popular when he was President, scandals and more information came out following his death that has placed his presidency toward the bottom on historical lists of Presidents.

Warren G. Harding was born in Blooming  Grove, Ohio and lived in small Ohio towns most of his life.  He was the oldest of eight children.  His father was a farmer, teacher, and doctor.  His mother was a midwife.  Warren G. Harding attended and graduated from Ohio Central College before moving to Marion, Ohio where his family had moved during his final year at the college.  In Marion, he tried a few different jobs before buying The Morning Star newspaper with a few others.  After a few struggles he became a successful newspaper editor.

Warren G. Harding met Florence Kling while working as a newspaper editor.  They married in 1891.  They had no children together.  She was a piano teacher and had a son from her first brief marriage.  Her father raised her son.  She became very involved with running the newspaper.  Warren had a daughter he supported financially by another woman.  Florence was involved and supportive of Warren’s career in politics as well.

In 1904 Warren G. Harding became Lieutenant Governor of Ohio.  In 1915 he became a United States Senator from Ohio.  Next, he was President of the United States of America.  Upon his death, many went into deep mourning.  He was called a man of peace.  The country seemed to need him and to recover from World War I with him for his brief time as President.  “The right place at the right time.”  Be inspired by that.  Have a bright day!

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