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William Taft.  William Taft was the twenty-seventh President of the United States of America.  William Taft made history by being chief executive of two braches of government.  He was President March 4,1909 to March 4, 1913 and then fulfilled his life dream by being Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from July 11, 1921 until February 3, 1930.  Before these posts he served as United States Secretary of War, Provisional Governor of Cuba, Governor-General of the Philippines, a judge of the United States Court of Appeals, and Solicitor General of the United States.

William Taft and Theodore Roosevelt had a complicated relationship over the years.  William Taft was appointed governmental posts by Theodore Roosevelt and he was offered positions on the Supreme Court by Roosevelt over the years.  William Taft dreamed of being on the Supreme Court, however he strongly believed in finishing the job he was already doing each time.  Besides turning down offers made by Roosevelt, he also split from him on Progressive Republican stances on issues during Taft’s eventual presidency.  William Taft is known for his devotion to the law.  During his presidency he focused on trust-busting, civil service reform, improving the postal service, and the economic development of nations in Latin America and Asia.  His presidency is generally ranked in the middle by historians.

William Taft was born in Ohio into a powerful family with historical connections.  He was an active member of his Unitarian church.  He married Helen Herron in 1886 and they had three children.  He graduated from Yale University and Cincinnati Law School.  After serving as President he taught at Yale Law School and was elected president of the American Bar Association.  He, also, taught at Boston University.  He founded the League to Enforce Peace and was a co-chairman of the National War Labor Board for about a year.  While he wanted peace, he joined the Home Guard to support the National Guard after the breakout of World War I.

William Taft is remembered for being the most overweight President.  He did suffer problems with his health and with sleep while President due to his weight.  He lost a significant amount of weight following his presidency.  He started using a cane in 1920.  He suffered heart attacks in 1924.  He retired in 1930 and died a few weeks later.  He was the first President and Chief Justice to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Today, streets, schools, a bridge, historic sites, and a town in the U.S. and a town in the Philippines are named after him.  This was a man that seemingly stuck to his beliefs and dreams throughout his life.  Be inspired by beliefs and dreams!  Have a bright day!

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