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Andrew Johnson.  Andrew Johnson was the seventeenth President of the United States of America.  Andrew Johnson was put in the position of following in the steps of greatness by President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.  He became President April 15, 1865 and was President until March 4, 1869 at the conclusion of the Civil War during Reconstruction.

Historians rank him as one of the United States worst Presidents, however there has been acknowledgement made of him having to take on this position at a very difficult time in history.  A goal of his was the quick restoration of seceded states, however he did not work to protect former slaves and he came into conflict with Congress.  This conflict led to impeachment proceedings.  He was impeached by the House of Representatives and was saved by only one vote from being impeached in the Senate.

He was originally chosen to run on the National Union ticket with Abraham Lincoln because he was seen as someone that would balance the President’s ticket.  He was a Democrat and Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.  Being a War Democrat and a Southern Unionist, Abraham Lincoln wanted to send a message of national unity when he chose Andrew Johnson as a running mate.  When Southern states tried to restore past leaders and pass Black Codes to deny freedoms to freed men, Congress tried to overrule Southern actions.  Johnson vetoed bills that were meant to overrule Southern action.  Struggles with Congress led to his impeachment proceedings.

Although he was not removed from office, he did return to Tennessee following his presidency.  There he was elected to the United States Senate.  This election came shortly before his death in 1875.  It is reported that he felt politically vindicated.

He did accomplish a lot in his life.  He was born in a log cabin and was poor.  His father died from a  apparent heart attack, when Andrew was three, after saving three people from drowning.  Andrew and his brother were apprenticed to a tailor by their mother.  The tailor and customers taught the boys literacy skills and led to Andrew’s lifelong love of learning.  After some trials and moves Andrew Johnson opened a tailoring business and married Eliza McCardle.  She taught him mathematic skills and improvements for his writing.  They had five children and were married for almost 50 years when he died.

He experienced a lot in his life, however he seemed to stick to his ideas of what should happen.  Not being open to the ideas of others seems to be at the root of political issues he encountered.  He was a reader and a worker, however he stuck to his beliefs despite what was happening that he should have considered more.  Be open.  Stay positive.  Have a bright day!

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