A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

John Tyler.  John Tyler was the tenth President of the United States of America.  John Tyler seemed to be torn by opposing sides throughout his life and is seen on different ends of the political historical spectrum even today.  He has been seen by some as a President that didn’t make much of an impact and by others as one of the most important, influential and accomplished, Presidents the United States has had.  He started in this post as an elected Vice President.  Upon the death of William Henry Harrison, John Tyler moved quickly.  He took the oath of office and moved into the White House right away.  He immediately started working as President and using all presidential powers.

John Tyler was born in 1790 in Charles City County, Virginia.  His family was aristocratic and involved in politics.  After his mother’s death when he was just seven years old schooling became a focus of his father’s for John and his brothers and sisters.  He lived on a plantation with slaves and had tutors paid to challenge him academically.  At twelve years old, John Tyler entered the College of William and Mary to prepare for the collegiate branch and ended up graduating the college at seventeen years old.  He went on to study law and was admitted to the bar when he was just nineteen years old.

Practicing law, running what became his farm, and being in political office all became his profession at times.  He served as a Virginia state legislator, Virginia’s Governor, a U.S. representative, and a U.S. senator before becoming Vice President and then President.  He stuck to his beliefs, even when faced with opposition, and thus his political party affiliation changed during his political career.  He became Vice President partly because no President had yet failed to complete their term of office and no one believed it would become so important.  He believed in and worked for states’ rights and territorial expansion.

During John Tyler’s presidency he vetoed legislation, most of his cabinet members resigned, and members of the House of Representatives attempted to impeach him. Even though he had issues related to domestic policy, he is known for his accomplishments in foreign policy.

John Tyler had fifteen children.  He had eight children with his first wife Letitia Christian, who died of a stroke.  He later had seven children with his second wife, Julia Gardiner.  His children were very important to him and his belief system.  When he had to be away from them letters became a necessary way for him to stay close to his children.

From family to politics, nothing seemed to evolve smoothly.  Throughout John Tyler’s life, he did seem to stick to his core beliefs though.  Sticking to your beliefs will, within reason, be a good move for you, too.  Have a bright day!

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