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William Henry Harrison.  The ninth President of the United States of America.  William Henry Harrison, like his predecessor, had and since has had, other politicians in his family.  His father, Benjamin Harrison V, was a governor of Virginia after first being a delegate of the Continental Congress and signing the Declaration of Independence.  He had a brother that was voted into the United States House of Representatives from Virginia.  And, of course, his grandson Benjamin Harrison became President of the United States during the late 1800s.

William Henry Harrison is known for his military service.  However, he is, also, known for his brief service as President.  He was in office from March 4, 1841 until he died from complications from pneumonia on April 4, 1841.  At age 68 he was one of the oldest United States Presidents.

He certainly packed a lot of life into his 68 years.  Becoming President is an honor and inspirational.  However, many important events occurred before his presidency.  He studied Latin and French in school before attending the University of Pennsylvania to study medicine.  His father died before he finished studying medicine, so his schooling was cut short.  Upon advice, William Henry Harrison decided to join the Army.  His strict discipline and work ethic led to promotions and victories.  He eventually gained fame for his service.

He was married to Anna Tuthill Symmes in 1795.  They had ten children.  He most likely had six children with a slave owned by him as well.  He campaigned friends and family for a government post after retiring from the Army.  He became Secretary of the Northwest Territory and held several other political positions.

He, at times, had income from his farm, money from his biography, a distillery where he briefly produced whiskey, and other ventures.  His campaigning methods for President led to modern campaigning methods or tactics.  He has had places named after him, including cities, counties, schools, and a military fort.

A lot was packed into his life.  Stories, accomplishments, and controversies are all present.  I hope that you feel inspired.  Have a bright day!

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