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Martin Van Buren.  The eighth President of the United States od America.  Martin Van Buren was born and baptized Maarten Van Buren in 1782 making him the first president born after independence was declared by the United States.  Being Dutch, also, made him becoming a President who didn’t speak English as a first language.

Speaking English as a second language didn’t stop his father from being involved in politics either.  His father was a farmer and inn owner, but also served as town clerk for ten years.  Other family members were involved in politics as well.  This led Martin Van Buren to study law and become active in politics while a teenager.  He later became a United States Senator from New York, then the ninth governor of New York, then Secretary of State, then Minister to the United Kingdom, then Vice President, and finally President.  He continued to be involved in politics even after his presidency.

Politics was a life-long passion and being respected for being well-dressed became important to him as well.  Martin Van Buren was a key advisor to Andrew Jackson throughout his presidency and he played a crucial role in making the organizational structure for what became the Democratic Party.  He took the blame as President for the country’s economic depression of 1837.  He did get a system in place for the national debt.  He advocated for peace for the United States despite disputes that arose and his anti-slavery and pro-Union feelings.

Martin Van Buren was married in 1807 to Hannah Hoes.  Despite her death at the age of 35, they had five sons and a daughter.  He never remarried.  Today countries, cities and towns are named to honor him throughout the United States.  There are also state parks, mountains, ships, and schools named for him.

O.K.  Okay may have started because of Van Buren and his hometown of Kinderhook, New York.  I wish inspiration and more than an okay day for you!  Have a bright day!

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