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Andrew Jackson.  Andrew Jackson was the seventh President of the United States of America.  His controversies and strong personality have made him one of the most-studied Presidents of the United States.  He was in office as President from March 4, 1829 until March 4, 1837.  He had two Vice Presidents.  The first Vice President, John C. Calhoun, lasted three years serving with Andrew Jackson.  The second Vice President was Martin Van Buren who succeeded Andrew Jackson to the presidency.

Andrew Jackson’s service to the United States began when he was just thirteen and he served as a courier during the Revolutionary War.  He served in the Tennessee Militia and the United States Army.  He was both a Colonel and a Major General.  He served during the American Revolutionary War, the Creek War, the War of 1812, and the First Seminole War.  He gained a reputation as an officer of being tough.  He gained fame for his role in the War of 1812.  The Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812 earned him Thanks of Congress and a Congressional Gold Medal.  His service continued and led to him being named Florida’s military governor.

He first ran for President in 1824.  This attempt was unsuccessful, however he ran again in 1828 and was elected President.   His wife, Rachel, died on December 22, 1828 before he was inaugurated.  He blamed his opponents for what he felt was their contribution to her death.  Other family members served as First Lady.  He raised ten adopted children.

Andrew Jackson had strong beliefs in individual rights, a strong union, and rights given to the United States by the work of the Founding Fathers.  Andrew Jackson became a founder, proponent,  and leader of the Democratic Party.  He was involved in numerous controversies during his public life, including a duel and later an assassination attempt.  During his presidency controversies include the dismantling of the Bank of the United States and removal of American Indians from the southeast.

Andrew Jackson has appeared on over a dozen U.S. postage stamps.  Statues and other memorials have been constructed to honor him.  Numerous counties and cities are named after him.  Roads, a school, a fort, a submarine, a park, a golf course, a Masonic Lodge, and more have been named for him.

People have been and continue to be inspired by Andrew Jackson.  Let his life and service inspire you.  Have a bright day!

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