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James Madison.  Fourth President of the United States of America.  Father of the Constitution.  Father of the Bill of Rights.  James Madison is known by all of these phrases.  He was born in Port Conway, Virginia County, British America on March 16, 1751.  He died June 28,1836 in Orange, Virginia, U.S. at the age of 85.  When he died he became the last Founding Father to pass away.

Before becoming President he held other political posts.  He was a delegate to the Congress of the Confederation, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and the fifth United States Secretary Of State.  He was the oldest of twelve children.  His parents had a plantation and they were a prominent family.  Positive experiences with his schooling led to him attending what is now known as Princeton University.  After graduating and completing an additional course of chosen study he returned home to his plantation Montpelier.

James Madison was a leader in the House of Representatives and was instrumental to the drafting of many laws.  He worked closely with George Washington and organized what became known as the Democratic-Republican Party with Thomas Jefferson.  Despite leading the United States into the War of 1812, many things were accomplished during James Madison’s administration.  A national bank, an effective taxation system, a standing professional military, and internal improvements were all considered accomplishments.

Following his Presidency he returned to Montpelier.  He became Rector of University of Virginia following the death of Thomas Jefferson.  He, also, served as a representative to the Virginia constitutional convention in 1829. Many of his last days were spent writing and rewriting correspondence.  James Madison is seen by historians as a drafter and defender of the Constitution like no other.  James Madison did a lot to strengthen the United States.

Today, there is the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation which offers fellowships to teachers who are working for a master’s that focuses on the study of the Constitution.  Montpelier is now a National Historic Landmark and he has numerous places named after him.  These places include towns, cities, a mountain range, and rivers.

James Madison was married to Dolley, a widow, and adopted her son.  Dolley was social and created the role of First Lady.  They were seen as having a happy marriage.  James Madison was a husband, scholar, and politician remembered for many accomplishments.  Remember your beliefs and feel the strength of his commitment to his beliefs.  Have a bright day!

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