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Happy Grandparent’s Day!  Today is a day to celebrate the important contributions of older/elderly people throughout our history.  You may celebrate maternal or paternal grandparents today or “adopt” a grandparent.  Thanks to work by legislators the proclamation was signed by then-president Jimmy Carter in 1978.  It declared the first Sunday after Labor Day in September a national holiday to celebrate love by grandparents for their grandchildren and for children to recognize the skills, information, and guidance of older people.

My grandparents have passed away, however each of them taught me important life lessons, were incredible family members, and inspired different aspects of who I feel I am today.  My paternal grandpa served our country in the Army, owned his own business, and worked hard.  I have very sweet memories drawing quietly on the couch with him.  My paternal grandma had collections of porcelain cats and salt and pepper shakers she purchased on their travels.  She loved to shop and always bought the girl cousins similar but unique to each of us gifts for Christmas.  My maternal grandpa was a strong man who survived polio, ran a farm, and raised six children in a frugal home filled with love.  He taught us to play Euchre and we all spent hours playing the game.  My maternal grandma was an incredible cook who filled her home with good food and lots of love.  She could often be found cooking in the kitchen and telling loving stories of family members and friends.  I am blessed for having had each of them in my life.

My children are now similarly blessed to have wonderful grandparents in their life. I won’t go through each of their grandparents (it will be their story).  However, their grandparents have worked hard and shared fantastic and important stories with them.  Their stories include tales of service to our country, life lessons they’ve learned, and, yes, funny stories about their parents, aunts, and uncles.

My children’s grandparents are still helping our family.  I am thankful for each of them.  Remember, celebrate your grandparents or “adopted grandparents” today!  Thank you Grandparents!  Have a bright day!

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