A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

The experiences we have and the challenges we go through impact our actions as we go through life.  For some people their career paths are a result of their experiences as much as they are interests and dedication.  This seems to be the case of Emily Blunt.  As much as acting has her interest and dedication, her experiences as a child led to her becoming an actress.

Emily Blunt was born in London, England.  Her mother had been an actress and was a teacher and her father was a barrister.  When Emily Blunt was a child she had a problem with stuttering.  She credits a teacher in school and being encouraged by the teacher to use acting as a way to work through stuttering.  At the age of sixteen she went to a college known for its performing arts program.  She was discovered there by an agent.  This led to roles in plays, on television, and in movies.  Working as an actress has earned her awards and success.

Acting roles and awards are a major part of her life and so is sitting on the board of directors for the American Institute for Stuttering.  She is also part of a group of twelve female celebrities that work to benefit UNICEF’s battle against illiteracy.  She is involved with charities that other celebrities and life events have brought into her life.

Emily Blunt married John Karasinski in 2010, had her daughter Hazel in 2014, and became a naturalized United States citizen in 2015.  John Karasinski is an American actor.  Her sister Felicity married Emily’s The Devil Wears Prada co-star Stanley Tucci.  Emily’s brother, Sebastian, is also an actor.

Emily Blunt’s path has been inspired by her life’s events.  Experiences, both good and bad, have inspired and continue to inspire her life.  Let life inspire you!  Have a bright day!

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