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While it is true that there are two sides to every story, everyone can agree that bullying is wrong.  Many horrible things are associated with bullying including acts of violence and self-harm.  Excuse my use of another cliché, however living well is the best revenge.  In that way Chris Colfer has his revenge.  Chris Colfer, at 25 years old, is an actor, singer, producer, screenwriter, and author.  He has won awards for multiple aspects of his life and career.

Being the recipient of bullying was such a huge part of his middle school years that it led to him being homeschooled for approximately a year and a half.  High school led to Chris Colfer being in speech, debate, drama, the school’s Writer’s Club, and editor of the school’s literary magazine.  His talent and experiences led to roles in community theatre.  At eighteen he was in a short film and shortly thereafter he landed the role for which he first became famous.  He was Kurt Hummel on Fox’s Glee.

Reading and writing has been a big part of Chris Colfer’s life.  When he was a child he had lymph node surgery.  He used reading as a way to cope with his bed-ridden recovery and was inspired to write and actually become an author when he was just in elementary school.  The Land of Stories was first started at this young age and edited by his grandmother.  This has since become a best-selling series for middle school readers.

Another aspect of his life that led to him following creative pursuits like acting and writing was that his sister suffers from epilepsy.  Her seizures and everything associated with having a disabled family member encouraged Chris to pursue these passions.  He has become active with and donated to Make-A-Wish-Foundation.  While the wonderful wishes granted for children with life-threatening medical conditions by the foundation is not that same as living with a disabled family member, it did led him to this avenue of his philanthropy.

Being a gay man has led to his work and support of causes and foundations that support members of the LGBT community.  Having adopted animals he is also a strong supporter of adopting animals from shelters.  He, of course, has supported anti-bullying campaigns.  He has helped and/or supported groups that work for education, literacy, the arts, and helping/supporting those struggling with poverty.

It seems Chris Colfer has a lot of life “packed into” his first 25 years.  We all have to do things.  Feel inspired to do things that fill your life with positive energy.  Have a bright day!

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