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Is the name Eilleen Regina Edwards familiar to you?  Are you are fan of the best- selling female artist in the history of country music?  The “Queen of Country Pop” and the person with the birth name previously mentioned is one and the same woman.  Shania Twain.

Shania Twain is not only a talented, top-selling, beautiful country singer she has also achieved and succeeded despite her tough times.  Everyone has some difficult times to get through in life, however few of us can imagine going through and succeeding through the journey Shania Twain has traveled.  Let her perseverance inspire you.

When she was just two years old her parent divorced.  Her mother remarried and Shania and her two sisters gained a brother her mother and stepfather had together, his last name Twain, and a brother that was adopted after his mother, who was her stepfather’s nephew, died.  Money and food was scarce in her home growing up.  She learned to hunt and “live off the land” in her hometown in Canada.  She started singing in bars at eight years old to help raise money for the family.  Not only was this difficult, her parents had a stormy, violent marriage.  Despite leaving with her mother and siblings and going to a homeless shelter for assistance, they returned.  Shania was thankful to have music to help her through.  Music and work and hard work with her father’s reforestation business filled some of her teenage years.  After graduating from high school, she moved, and she focused even more on her music.  She even traded house cleaning services for voice lessons.

Some success and notice came, however a few years after tragedy struck.  Shania’s mother and stepfather died in a car accident.  Shania chose to leave her burgeoning career and return home to take care of her younger siblings.  She earned money to help support them by preforming at a resort.  After her siblings got older and moved out she began to focus on her career again.  She made a demo and it led to her being signed with Mercury Nashville Records.  Success, albums, and awards followed.

Tough times still had to be preserved by Shania Twain.  She developed lesions on her vocal cords that required her to step away from her career and go through rehabilitation.  She returned following rehabilitation.  She has been successful again and has an autobiography that is an account of her childhood and other personal tragedies persevered.

Shania wants to support others including children that may be traveling a difficult path.  She has supported Opportunity Village, Red Cross, Shania Kids Can, and the USO.  Tough times happen.  Be inspired to persevere your tough times.  Have a bright day!

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