A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

I feel some connections with today’s source of inspiration.  She is from Ohio and part of a large family.  My mother was raised on a farm in Ohio and she grew up with five siblings.  She was the oldest of six children, but like me Sarah Jessica Parker was a middle child.  She was the youngest of four children from her mother’s first marriage.  Her mother had four more children when she married her second husband.  Sarah Jessica Parker’s mother, Barbara, was a nursery school operator and teacher.  I was a teacher before my accident and hope to someday teach again.

Feeding ten people on a teacher’s salary and the money earned by her stepfather when he had work as an truck driver or account executive was tough at times.  Welfare helped the family get by at times and a scholarship helped Sarah Jessica Parker train in the arts.  Ballet, music, and theater training led to auditions and parts on Broadway.  The family moved to New York after she and her brother were both cast in parts in a Broadway play when she was eleven.

Sarah Jessica Parker became well-known and successful by playing Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City.  Acting in Sex and the City led to awards and work as an executive producer of the show.  She has appeared in television, Broadway, and film roles.  She has her own production company and has endorsement and advertising deals with several brands.  She has released her own line of fragrances as well.  She is a spokesmodel for Jordache Jeans and has released a footwear line.

In 1997 she married actor Matthew Broderick and they have had a son and twin daughters.  In 2009 New York City officially became their home, although they spend a lot of their time living in a second home in Ireland.  In addition to acting, producing, modeling, and designing Sarah Jessica Parker is on the board of The New York City Ballet, works as a UNICEF Ambassador, and raises money for New York schools.

Sarah Jessica Parker has earned admiration and inspiration, as well as, awards.  Her smile is infectious.  Enjoy something she has appeared in or is a part of.  Have a bright day!

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