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Happy Labor Day!  Today, the first Monday of September, is a day to thank and celebrate American workers!  It has been an official holiday for over one hundred and twenty years.  Other countries have days to celebrate their work force, however Labor Day has been celebrated in America since 1894.  Parades and festivals have been used to recognize the holiday since its inception.  Speeches next became part of the holiday.  Today family barbeques and shopping sales are a big part of the day.  Of course this means that many people in sales have to work.  Approximately a quarter of our workforce is in sales today, however family and friends can still make today special.

Labor Day signals the change of seasons unofficially for a lot of people.  Fall sports are starting which inspires many things for people.  The new school year is starting tomorrow for many children or it has recently started in some parts of the country.  The official start of fall is still a couple of weeks away, however things are changing.  From it getting dark earlier to changing what we are wearing each day, the change of season is affecting behavior.

Work in manufacturing accounts for many things that we all enjoy today.  Products we all appreciate are made by the American workforce.  Workers have made our country strong and more prosperous.  Perhaps you celebrated Labor Sunday yesterday.  I did not grow up celebrating Labor Sunday, however it has been recognized by many for over a hundred years.  Labor Sunday is seen as a day for spiritual and educational purposes for workers.

From enjoying time with family and friends to barbeques, festivals, shopping sales, and parades Labor Day is a day to appreciate.  Enjoy your day!  Feel inspired to relax with loved ones or create something for yourself or others.  Have a bright day!

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