A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Sometimes you just have to believe in yourself.  Today’s dose of Inspiration comes from a person who believed in himself through his “rags to riches” life story.  When Jim Carrey was fourteen his father lost his job and Jim, his mother, father, and siblings had to move into a van they parked at a relatives’.  As a child Jim Carrey worked to help his family and when he was a teenager he started performing as a stand-up comic.  Despite a bad start with his first crowd he kept trying.  It wasn’t his only poor performance with a crowd.  After gaining a fanbase he struggled again when he tried to change his routine.  Belief in himself paid off again.

Today he is a successful actor, stand-up comedian, author, screenwriter, and producer.  He was born in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada and has American and Canadian citizenship.  After some success as a comic, opening for Rodney Dangerfield, moving to Hollywood, and roles on television and film, he was cast in a recurring role on In Living Color.

In Living Color was a sketch comedy show that showcased Jim Carrey’s talents.  His rise to fame continued with lead roles in films.  Box Office success in films has led to roles that brought him critical acclaim and awards as well.  Serious roles, comedies, and animated features have all been part of his career.  Jim Carrey published a children’s book and produced a documentary about the Hoe Avenue peace meeting as well.

Jim Carrey is a philanthropist.  His achievements and his work as a philanthropist earned him an honorary doctorate from Maharishi University of Management in 2014.

While some of his views have stirred controversy, his belief in himself has been a crucial part of his success.  Believe in yourself.  Work for what you want.  Have a bright day!

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