A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

First Lady of the United States.  No matter your political views this position is simply a role as the spouse of the president (or a close relative) to be the hostess to White House visitors and to attend events in place of the President when necessary.  This role has changed just as First Ladies have changed over the course of history.

Michelle Obama is the current First Lady of the United States and the deserving individual of today’s dose of Inspiration.  Michelle Obama was born in Chicago, Illinois and was raised by two hard-working parents.  Her father never missed work and provided with his job with the Water Department as a pump operator.  Her mother was a busy stay-at-home mother of Michelle and her brother Craig.

Michelle Obama did very well in school and attended both Princeton and Harvard.  She became a writer and a lawyer.  She worked for a law firm in Chicago and this led to her meeting Barack.  A couple years later she served in Chicago’s City Hall as assistant commissioner of planning and development.  She became the founding executive director of Public Allies.  This group prepares youth for public service and is part of AmeriCorps.  Her work for the University of Chicago as Associate Dean of Student Services led to increased volunteerism in the community by students of the university.

As First Lady she has been instrumental to the launching of four programs.  Let’s Move! goal is to solve to epidemic of childhood obesity.  Joining Forces works to support American service members and their families with education and employment while supporting their wellness.  Reach Higher works to inspire young people to complete their education by attending a training program, college, or university.  Let Girls Learn is a world-wide program to allow, encourage, and inspire young girls throughout the world to go to and stay in school.

Michelle Obama works hard for things she believes in.  First and foremost, is her work for and love of her daughters.  She also believes strongly in helping and supporting our military families and all young people.  Be inspired to work for things and people you believe in.  Have a bright day!

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