A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Today’s inspirational person has stated that he is inspired by another person that inspires me.  Dean Koontz is an author who has said that he is inspired by Stephen King.  Stephen King is an author primary, yet his work and passions have led to many things including acting, producing, and directing.  He is a father and devoted husband.  He loves his home state of Maine and stays involved in politics.  He is a columnist who writes about local politics among other topics.  Dean Koontz includes Stephen King as one of the authors that he has drawn inspiration from over the course of his career and life.

Dean Koontz was born in Pennsylvania and attended Shippensburg State College.  He graduated with a bachelors in English and became a teacher in a high school.  I feel inspired by his work as a teacher and his work for the Appalachian Poverty Program.  Working with the latter actually led to disillusionment for him.  While the goal of the program is to help poor children his work did not help in the ways that he felt and hoped that it would.  He published his first novel in 1968.  He wrote and published as a full-time author for more than ten years before his breakthrough novel Whispers was published.  Following this accomplishment over ten hardcovers and over a dozen paperbacks have been #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list.

Dean Koontz has also drawn inspiration from his dearly departed dog Trixie Koontz.  Trixie was a golden retriever given to him by Canine Companions for Independence for his generous donations to their organization.  After publishing books about Trixie and a couple of years following her death he adopted a dog that was Trixie’s grandniece.  Dean Koontz’s support of Canine Companions for Independence is generous and heart-felt.

Whether you are inspired to write or read or help an animal, feel inspired and act.  A favorite Dean Koontz novel/series of mine is the thriller/mystery Odd Thomas.  I recommend reading the series.  Have a bright day!

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