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The Birdman.  Boom Boom HuckJam.  Both of these refer to Tony Hawk.  Tony Hawk is known because he is a retired professional skateboarder.  He is an actor, businessman, and philanthropist.  The Birdman is a nickname of his and Boom Boom HuckJam is an extreme sports exhibition he created.

Tony Hawk was born in Carlsbad, California.  His parents encouraged his skateboarding because he was so hyperactive and hard on himself.  At school these issues led to him being tested and it was found to be that he was gifted with an IQ of 144.  He became a professional skateboarder at fourteen.  He ended up being the National Skateboard Association world champion for twelve consecutive years.  He won fourteen medals, mostly gold medals, for the United States in the Summer X Games.

Tony Hawk has three sons and a daughter.  Riley Hawk, his oldest son, is now a professional skateboarder.  Tony Hawk has been on film and in television.  He has appeared as himself and had other roles.  He has been in live-action and animated series.  Tony Hawk has a video game series based on his skateboarding.  He has also been involved in the creation of amusement park rides.  In 2012 he launched the online YouTube channel RIDE.  Tony Hawk has said this is a place where people from all walks of life can go who are inspired by skateboarding.

The Tony Hawk Foundation has given well over 3 million dollars to people in low-income areas and to help underprivileged kids.  The foundation has built over 400 skateparks in low-income areas around the United States.  He, also, joined other athletes in 2007 and they founded Athletes for Hope.  They want to inspire all people to volunteer and support their community.

Whether you are tempted to try to preform a 900 or not, you can be inspired by Tony Hawk.  Talent, hard work, and dedication took him far in life and still influences his work today. Personal strengths can take us all to our destinations.  Have a bright day!

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