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J. K. Rowling created the character Professor Trelawney.  Emma Thompson brought Professor Trelawney to life perhaps with a bit of her Nanny McPhee magic.  Emma Thompson is an actor, comedian, screenwriter, author, and activist.  She played Professor Trelawney in the Harry Potter series.  She played Nanny McPhee in the Nanny McPhee screenplays that she wrote.  Emma Thompson has starred in many roles for which she has earned nominations and awards.  Emma Thompson has written screenplays and books.

Emma Thompson was born in Paddington, London, England.  Her family was and still is filled with people in show business.  Her mother is an actress and her father wrote and narrated a popular children’s television series.  Her sister and grandfather are also in the family business.  She went to Cambridge University for an English degree, but wound up following in the footsteps of family members.

Emma Thompson first became a member of a sketch comedy troupe named Footlights.  She was the troupe’s first female member.  Upon graduation she tried for a successful stand-up comedian career.  After co-directing an all-female revue for Footlights she landed a stage role and then stared in a comedy series on television.  After more work on stage and television, she began starring in movies.  She has won Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, BAFTA Awards, and an Emmy Award.

Emma Thompson has been married and has a daughter.  She and her husband adopted a son who was a Rwandan child soldier who was orphaned when his family suffered genocide.  She is an environmental and social activist.  She has taught drama at her daughter’s school as well.  Her life has certainly been filled with acting, comedy, and literature.

Please enjoy a good movie or book today!  Have a laugh or two as well!

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