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Alex P. Keaton was a character I liked even though I disagreed with him on a multitude of things.  Marty McFly was a character I could relate to more and still enjoy.  Michael J. Fox is an actor that brought alive both of these characters and many more.  Michael J. Fox has earned awards for the former character and other awards as well.  His roles on Family Ties and the Back to the Future trilogy are just a fraction of fraction of the roles for which Michael J. Fox became a celebrity.

Michael J. Fox has Parkinson’s Disease and has continued to shine as an actor since being diagnosed with this horrific disease.  His life with the disease and also his marriage and being a father of four children has led him to also being a producer, author, and activist.  He is a father of four children and has written more than one book that chronicles his life.  He has, also, received multiple degrees for his career as an actor and his work as an activist.

Michael J. Fox by being who he is has raised awareness of Parkinson’s Disease.  However, he has also worked to raise funding and increase research for both managing and finding a cure for this disease.  He has taken his medication at times to manage his symptoms while working, but also purposely not taken his medication at times so that people can truly see some of the effects.

Being born and growing up in Canada and living and working in the United States makes him a citizen of both countries.  Being the man he is and working as he has throughout the years has made both countries proud of him!

Reading a book he has written or watching something he has acted in will be a bright spot in your day!  Whatever you do, enjoy your day!

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