A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Some stars seem to be born into their fame.  Some children have parents in the entertainment industry and begin their career at an age that their parents are actually making the decisions for them.  That is the case with today’s inspirational person.

Christina Applegate was on a daytime soap opera at three months old and a commercial at five months old.  She went on to film and other parts on television.  As a teenager she got the part of Kelly Bundy on Married…with Children.  She played Kelly Bundy for the sitcom’s ten year run on television.  She has been on a couple other sitcoms, in many films, and had others parts on television since she became an adult.

Whether she chose her path or not, she has made good decisions and brought skill to her craft.  She has won awards, been featured in magazines, and acted on stage as well as big and small screens.  In addition to acting, she has danced on Broadway.  Christina Applegate has been married and has a daughter.

In 2008 Christina Applegate had a double mastectomy due to breast cancer.  This disease is in her genes and Christina has fought it and continues to help others with their fight against this disease.  This is not the only cause she has fought against and women are not the only group of people she has championed for.  She has been involved with charities benefiting children, education, animals, the LGBT community, and more.  Awards have been earned by her humanitarian work as well.

We all wind up on our paths for many reasons.  Whether your parents or someone else influences your course or an accident or illness does, keep going and do all you can!  Have a great day!

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