A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

She was in school studying drama by eleven years old.  She was on British television by sixteen.  She was in a successful movie by the time she was nineteen.  She achieved global stardom by twenty-two years old for her portrayal  of Rose in Titanic.  Yes, I am referring to Kate Winslet.

Kate Winslet is an actress and a singer.  She has earned many awards and even broken records for awards earned.  She’s acted in many genres including romance, drama, sci-fi, and action.  She has narrated documentaries and children’s books.  She’s appeared in stage productions.  She’s had animated roles.  She’s been in television series.  She’s read audiobooks.  She’s recorded songs for films.  Kate Winslet has had a busy and full career.

Her story does not end there!  Kate Winslet believes in being natural and taking care of our children.  Her weight has fluctuated and she is okay with that.  She does not believe in extreme diets.  She wants to look natural regardless of her age as well.  She does not believe in facelifts or other procedures that fight our natural aging process.

Kate Winslet founded the Golden Hat Foundation.  The Golden Hat Foundation helps and aids people and their families that are living with autism.  She has donated her money and funds made from her work on advertising campaigns to help families affected by autism.  Her work has been honored.

She has taken time off to spend time with her children.  Her career has been full, however she believes in being present for her three children as well.  She’s been involved with other charities to help children and causes she believes in.

Do you have a busy and full life?  Most of us do.  Kate Winslet’s busy and full life can remind us all that we can do things we desire to do.  Feel inspired to do something for your life today!

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