A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

The Rock.  Dwayne Johnson is The Rock.  Professional wrestling was and still is in his family however Dwayne Johnson’s first stage nicknames didn’t stick.  When he started calling himself The Rock it stuck.

Being a third generation wrestler was important in his family, but also to wrestling.  The Rock was a football player.  He won a national championship with the Miami Hurricanes.  After graduation he went on to the Canadian Football League.  He played for two months before being cut and turning to wrestling.  World Wrestling Entertainment became the beneficiary of what became Dwayne Johnson’s profession.

The Rock went on to win WWE Championships, to break, and to make records.  He first became a major participant in the WWE’s Attitude Era, however he still participates in events for the company.  WrestleMania, Raw, and SmackDown all have links to The Rock.  Ratings and sellout events all benefit from The Rock’s career as a wrestler.

Dwayne Johnson is also a successful actor and producer.  He has been in many successful action movies, but also appeared in other film genres.  He became part of pop culture by appearing on Saturday Night Live, other popular shows, video games, and a music video.  He’s been in magazines such as Rolling Stone, Newsweek, and Entertainment Weekly.  He made it on a Forbes top-grossing actor list and into the Guinness Book of World Records.  He, also, co-wrote an autobiography titled The Rock Says….

Dwayne Johnson was married and has a daughter.  He and his ex-wife donated money to University of Miami and founded Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation.  This charity is committed to helping at-risk and terminally ill children.

The Rock made fans as a wrestler.  Dwayne Johnson made fans as an actor.  Dwayne Johnson made fans and helped people as a producer.  Whether you call him The Rock or Dwayne Johnson, he in an inspiration.

Be a rock atop your mountain today!

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