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Livin’ la Vida Loca.  Menudo.  Do you know who those two things have in common?  Ricky Martin.  Ricky Martin has had an amazing life.  He started singing at home in Puerto Rico and for family when he was just six.  Soon after he started writing songs.  He appeared in eleven commercials when he was just nine.  By thirteen, he had joined the boy band Menudo.  He toured, performed, and released music with Menudo.  At seventeen he decided to return home to Puerto Rico and graduate high school.  He decided to move to New York City when he turned eighteen.

Ricky Martin released music and did some acting, then moved to Los Angeles to be in the sitcom Getting By.  After a couple of seasons, he got a role on the soap-opera General Hospital.  He continued to produce music and acting took him next to perform on Broadway.  He appeared in Les Miserables.  Performances at shows and awards came his way.  He even performed at the Grammy Awards in front of people that inspired him, like Sting and Madonna.  It is considered to be because of Rick Martin’s successes that Latin pop music became as popular as it did and opened doors for artists such as Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

Tours, music, and television roles continued for Ricky Martin.  After becoming a parent himself he started an on-line community for parents.  He has also released books.  A children’s book and an autobiography were both written.  Best seller lists have included his work.

Ricky Martin has done amazing work as a humanitarian as well.  He took action in response to the South Asian tsunami and to Hurricane Katrina.  He has fought and been recognized for his fight against human trafficking.  The Ricky Martin Foundation has built homes and done many things to help children around the world.  The United States Department of State named Ricky Martin a Hero in 2005.  His foundation continues to advocate for children.  Work with Habitat for Humanity, UNICEF, and RMF Summer Camp have all been included in his foundation’s mission.

Ricky Martin’s life has been full!  Livin’ la Vida Loca.  In Spanish this translates to living the crazy life.  Full or crazy I think Ricky Martin’s life has been amazing!  Good, but crazy!  I hope your day is good even if it’s a little crazy!

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