A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Does food inspire you?  I can be inspired by food.  Many of my fond childhood memories involve food.  When I was a kid there were certain foods we had at certain times of year and for certain types of gatherings that link directly to memories of family and friends.  Traditions often involve food.

When I got older watching television programs or going to a restaurant and trying something new could inspire me.  My mother is an excellent cook.  I know a lot about food and cooking thanks to her.  My father-in-law is an excellent cook.  Fond, fun, and fabulous memories from both sides of their families can now inspire my children to have good and healthy eating habits.

Mario Batali has become the chef he is in part due to his family.  He is an excellent and inspiring co-host of The Chew.  He owns or/and is involved with many restaurants.  He has learned a lot about his Italian culinary history.  His heritage and family have brought him in part to where he is and to a place that he can now inspire you.  Watching him on television or using a recipe of his can lead to a good meal for you.  Sharing a seasonal recipe or some other meal can lead to shared memories, good times, and a lot more.

Mario Batali has worked to aid others and to share meals with needy individuals.  People in South Africa, New York, and other places are given food and meals thanks to The Mario Batali Foundation and other programs he has been involved with.  His foundation wants to ensure that all children have food and other needs.

I hope you enjoy a good meal with someone you care about today!

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