A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Dancer was the keyword I used to start my research for today’s writing.  One of the people that came up surprised me a bit.  There are many amazing and inspiring things to think of about this person and her dancing is incredible, however dancer is not one of the first words that come into my mind.  Her birth name is Alecia Beth Moore.  The world knows her as Pink.

Pink is a singer and songwriter.  She has sold millions of albums.  She has won Grammy Awards and other awards and honors have been earned by her.  Her world tours are often sold out.  Pink is known as a pop, folk, R&B, and rock artist.  She has collaborated with other artists from multiple genres.  Her music and style reflect her uniqueness, however I feel her musical inspiration also reflect her greatness.  She has claimed Janis Joplin and Madonna inspire her.  These two women have made their mark on music to put it mildly.

Pink, as she has become known, was born in Pennsylvania.  Her father was an insurance salesman and her mother was a nurse.  She began writing and singing young.  She began performing in clubs at 14 and was in her first band in high school.  After some success with a band she was encouraged to go solo.  Commercial, Billboard, and world-wide success followed.  Pink married Carey Hart in 2006 and they had a daughter in 2011.

Pink is an animal rights activist.  She is a campaigner and activist for PETA.  She has been involved with several charities including Human Rights Campaign, ONE Campaign, the Red Cross, and Autism Speaks.  She has voiced characters in carton, been in movies, and worked as a spokesmodel.

While dancer may not be the first word that comes to my mind about Pink, I feel honored to have shared more about her here today.  Enjoy dance, music, and the things and people you care about today!

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